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My main blog now is : thecitychild.tumblr.com

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Mar 20th
baekhyunuminnie: Where are you from ?? ;) :)

I live in Maryland, US.

Aug 8th

Thinking long and hard, I’ve decided to stop using this blog for the reason that I’m paying more attention to my other blog. 

So, come follow The City Child at the thecitychild.tumblr.com

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You wish for that feeling where your thighs don’t slide against each other when you walked. I achieved that goal. I hope you can too.

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Apr 28th
ulnars: alright, i'll add it (:

Thank you. It’s probably the closest thing I can get to one direction at the time…

Apr 26th
mintbun: Ahh where did you watch Korra ep 4? ;;;

my brother is interested in Legend of Korra like me. He also frequents the website 4chan. Usually, trolls have leaked versions on the site. You may have to search the Comics and Cartoons section (/co/) on 4chan to see if the thread’s still there. Then, download.

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